Oscillator Design Guide Structure

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The Oscillator DesignGuide is integrated into Agilent EEsof`s Advanced Design System environment, working as a smart library and interactive handbook for the creation of useful designs. It allows you to quickly design oscillators, interactively characterize their components, and receive in-depth insight into their operation. It is easily modifiabl

Oscillator Design Guide Structure
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e to user-defined configurations. The first release of this DesignGuide focuses on RF printed circuit boards and microwave oscillations. NoteThis manual assumes that you are familiar with all of the basic ADS program operations. For additional information, refer to the Schematic Capture and Layout manual. The Oscillator DesignGuide contains templates that can be used in the ADS software environment. It consists of generic colpitts, clapp, modified colpitts, modified clapp, and hartley oscillator design examples, and a library of components and component characterization tools. The push-button nonlinear measurements are recommended as a starting point for both expert and novice users creating large-signal designs. For the expert, these measurements provide an overview of tool capabilities. For the novice user, they provide a working oscillator together with simulations of its typical characteristics of nonlinear designs. The full set of available large-signal measurements in the Generic Oscillator example are described in Table 2-1. Subsets of these measurements appear in other examples. Refer to the section Additional Examples. Table 2-1 provides descriptions of the available push-button large-signal measurements, as well as the associated filenames for schematics and data displays. The linear and nonlinear design tools are intended to facilitate you in designing an oscillator from scratch and in gaining insight into an...

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