Pololu Circuit

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

Getting ready to put Adrian`s Pololu stepper driver circuit together and have run into a question. He mentions that if you are using 5v from the Arduino Mega, to leave out the 78L05. Great! I am thrilled to only have the wrong symbol for ground. I have just enough electronics knowledge to read a schematic and fumble through getting it togethe

Pololu Circuit
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r. I think I can handle this one (fingers crossed). Thanks for the help. If I run into issues do you mind me asking advice of you. It`s nice to have a contact with roughly the same setup. I would also consider keeping the two capacitors there to minimize voltage spikes when the Polulu`s switch on and off. Run and already regulated 5 volts from another card over ribbon cable leaves it very "soft" and unable to instantly supply large inrush currents, or absorb back EMF when motors are turned off. Keeping the 100uF electrolytic to handle big, long duration impulses and the 1uF ceramic to short out the high frequency spikes and noise may help make the board more reliable, fewer missed or extra steps. EDIT: After looking closer at the whole circuit, I see that there are already 100uF electrolytic caps for each Polulu. And looking closely at the internal schematic for the Polulu`s, they have their own internal 0. 1uF surface mount capacitors, so no need for any extras beyond what is still in the schematic after the 7805 and attached parts are removed. I am a little confused after looking even closer at the circuit. It looks like the only source of the 12 volts needed to drive the steppers and the extruder heater came from the connector that is now labeled 5V, Mega, Gnd. Should this still be: Sebastien- All but one supplier is shipping out of the US or has minimum orders. It looks like Arrow ships small amounts from in the US but...

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