Pong Game Console

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

I created a simple game console that could play Pong and other games with Atari 2600 joysticks, which the Arduino would read the joystick inputs and output the data to a TV with a TVout library. I created this project just for the fact that I wanted to showcase that anyone can create their own miniature consoles to play, but also I wanted somethin

Pong Game Console
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g fun that the public would enjoy. You`ll need an arduino (m328 preferred), two Atari 2600 joysticks, RCA cable with male connectors, one 330 ohm resistor, one 1K ohm resistor, breadboard, and soldering iron. Give or take, you can also use other hardware to complete this project, like a RS323 socket or a RCA jack for terminal boards. To describe the steps that this project does, first, after everything is connected, the user will upload the game code to the arduino. Once that`s completed, the data from the game shows up on a TV screen. Finally, two people will be able to maneuver the paddles with the Atari 2600 joysticks to play the game. Tin both wires with solder. If you lucky, you may be able to insert the video (center) wire directly into the breadboard without any problems. The ground wire (outside) will probably be too bulky to insert directly into the arduino/breadboard, so I spliced it with some wire that`s easier to insert. Do the same for the video wire if it`s giving you trouble. Now insert both resistors (330 & 1k ohm) into one row on the breadboard (that`s also connected to the RCA video wire). Take the other end of the 330 ohm resistor and insert it into Pin 8 on the Arduino. For the 1K ohm, insert that into Pin 9 on the Arduino. Connect the RCA male connector to a TV and run the TVout library demo for testing. The circuit should look like so (disregard the diodes, they`re not needed): Now we start on the...

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