Power distribution system design using LT3694 DC DC converter

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Using the LT3694 monolithic, current mode DC DC converter can be designed a very simple step down converter that will can support a maximum output current of 2. 6A. LT3694 switching step-down converter (capable of generating up to 2. 6A at its output) has independent track/soft-start circuits (for each regulators ) simplifying power supply sequenci

Power distribution system design using LT3694 DC DC converter
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ng and interfacing with micro-controllers and DSPs. The switching frequency is set with a single resistor with a range of 250kHz to 2. 5MHz. The high switching frequency permits the use of small inductors and ceramic capacitors leading to very small triple output solutions. Protection circuitry senses the current in the power switch and external Schottky catch diode to protect the LT3694 against short-circuit conditions. Frequency foldback and thermal shutdown provide additional protection. As you can see in the circuit diagram this switching DC DC converter circuit will provide three independent output voltages of 1. 8V, 2. 5V and 3. 3 volt. The maximum output current that can be provided by this circuit is around 2. 6A. The input voltage range required by this circuit can be from 6 volt up to 36 volt. The BIAS pin allows the internal circuitry to draw its current from a voltage supply lower than VIN, reducing power dissipation and increasing efficiency. If the voltage on the BIAS pin falls below 2. 7V, then its quiescent current will flow from VIN. The LDO regulator uses an external NPN pass transistor to form a linear regulator. The loop is internally compensated to be stable with a minimum load capacitance of 2. 2 F. The LDO also has a foldback current limiter available to protect the external transistor under overload conditions. This DC DC power converter circuit can be used in various electronic projects like :cable...

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