SEISMIC RADIO 500mHz - 200Hz frequency range

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

The most popular is MED-NET, which covers all the mediterranean sea with its observation points. The shown map shows the observation points in the mediterranean sea. For further information about this net being part of the Italian Geophysical National Institute, you can visit the official site. This research is based, for a part of the signals, on seismic data given from this net. The MED-NET net puts on web for every single

SEISMIC RADIO 500mHz - 200Hz frequency range
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event the geographic map with the geographic points where the phenomenon has been found with the seismic observation points marked with the even geographic seismic direction finding (triangulation). In the research only episodes where the close BNI observatory finds the seismic mechanic wave have been considered. The med net is not the only one to do this service. At a local level, in fact other nets exist which can make a study occasion about even lighter seismic events which happen close to my qth. From these net generally are diffused also data which are more difficult to find on other national nets. This is the case of the IGG seismic net. The map shown beside, shows the stations disposition. My qth, indicated by the red arrow, is practically in the middle of the stations of this net. In this case also, data are available on web at url: In order to give an idea of the seismically of the zone, you can think of the week from 20/8/2001 to 26/8/2001, in the area shown on the map that 19 seismic event have been recorded. Once chosen the band frequency to monitor, you have to make a choice for the best antenna to receive those signals. In this gap of frequency there are different utilized antenna systems: all very effective, even if with very different results from signal to signal. From the past researches we know that 82 Hz signals for submarine in immersion, are very well received by marconian antennas, discretely with...

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