Simple Metal Detector

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Above diagram is a very easy and efficient receiver for actuating garage doors, starter motors, alarms, warning systems and many some other possibilities. The SCR, which has a extremely low trigger current of 30 uA is typical - it demands an input electricity of just 30 uW to activate the relay. A high Q tuned. Easy FM tracking transmitter proje

Simple Metal Detector
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ct :). The circuit designed by Tony van Roon, and here the FM tracking transmitter diagram: Components List: R1 = 10K C1 = 100uF/10V C2 = 10nF C3 = 4-40pF trimmer capacitor C4 = 4. 7pF IC1 = LM3909 Q1 = 2N3904 NPN transistor LED1 = Red LED/or another color as you. This the Good Quality FM transmitter for your stereo or any other amplifier gives you a pretty good signal strength up to a range of 500 metres having a power output of about 200 mW. This circuit can be operated with a 9V battery. The audio-frequency modulation stage is constructed close to transistor BF494 (T1), . This is the circuit diagram of stereo tube amplifier using 6SQ7-GT and 6V6-GT. The tube amplifier circuit is uses the total of 5 power vacuum tube. The diagram is based on the output section design of typical late 1940`s old AM Trutone radio with 6 tubes. The output will be 4 Watts per channel (2x4W. This is the cell phone shield circuit which can be used as mobile charger. Give protection to your cell phone from unexpected use or theft working with this easy circuit. It is able to produce a loud chirping sound when someone tries to take away the mobile handset. The added function is that the circuit. This is 1. 5 Watt FM Transmitter circuit. This circuit should be able to cover 1-2 KM range. Components List R1=220K R2=4. 7K R3, R4=10K R5=100ohm C1, C2=4. 7uF Electrolytic C3, C4=1nF C5=2-15pF C6=3. 3pF Q1=BC547C Q2=2N2219A P1=25K MIC=Electret Condenser...

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