Smart Power Strip

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

As more and more of the world becomes concerned with conserving electric power and the fuels that generate electricity, there is a growing market for products to help the conscientious homeowner keep an eye on and minimize their power usage. Organizations such as Energy Star seek to minimize power consumption at the manufacturer level by providing

Smart Power Strip
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buyer-recognizable certification on electronic devices. This certification is an easy way for consumers to discern energy-efficient products when shopping, providing an incentive to purchase Energy Star products over their less efficient cousins. This potential for increased revenue provides incentive to corporations to strive for energy-efficiency. Other organizations and products such as Google. org`s PowerMeter, Microsoft Hohm, and P3 International`s Kill-o-Watt aim to facilitate power-awareness by providing a framework for monitoring a home`s power consumption. PowerMeter and Hohm provide an intuitive user interface for recording and analyzing trends in power usage, while the Kill-o-Watt, a device that sits between the wall outlet and a piece of hardware, allows for measuring power consumption at the individual device level. The discontinuation of both PowerMeter and Hohm leaves an unfilled niche for an easy-to-use, centralized monitoring system. When integrated with monitoring hardware similar to the Kill-o-Watt, this monitoring system provides a convenient interface for measuring, controlling, and minimizing a home`s power consumption. The Smart Power Strip is designed to fit this niche and meet the needs of environmentally conscious consumers. This power strip will work like any other six-outlet, surge protected power strip, but will have the capability to wirelessly transmit statistics about power usage on each...

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