Submarine Periscope Arcade Shooter

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

This is a great old periscope game. Ships pass by in the dark and your job is to hunt them down. When I plugged it in I heard a loud 60hz hum from the audio circuit. The game started but couldn`t aim properly and ships would not explode when hit. Also it looks like someone painted black trim around the edges. I looked at the aiming mechanism. A sm

Submarine Periscope Arcade Shooter
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all relay attached to the periscope pushes on levers that let the machine know where the periscope was when you pressed the fire button. It`s like a drop target bank on a pinball machine. Non of the levers would operate smoothly and the entire assembly required cleaning and degreasing. The ship unit was dirty and had some broken contacts which explains why no ships were getting hit. I soldered new contacts to the old assemblies as getting parts would not be easy. Removing the main playfield for cleaning is quite the project. I laid the cabinet on it`s face and was able to pull the entire playfield out easily through the bottom of the cabinet. The playfield appears very faded from age. Either that or it`s coated with something. I clean a ton of dirt from it with Windex. The playfield is very brittle and cracks easily. The staples used to attach it all were loose so I carefully drilled tiny holes and tacked it back down. * Updated: It has been confirmed by another Sea Raider owner that the periscope mirror is supposed to have some black paint on it. It`s assumed the reason has to to with some effect. This explains why the periscope assembly is slightly offset. Unfortunately the siting indicator will be off with the paint removed although you will get greater visibility. I opted to not re-install the site indicator. The periscope is also a project to remove. Removing the fire button and take out the front top glass and remove...

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