Temporarily Silencing A Smoke Detector

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

It provides a means of temporarily silencing a battery-powered smoke detector after you`ve burnt the toast, scorched the baked beans or whatever! Unlike the earlier design, this more sophisticated version does not cause strange chirps and whistles to emanate from the smoke detector towards the end of the silenced period. It also flashes a LED

Temporarily Silencing A Smoke Detector
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and produces a series of short, unobtrusive tones from its inbuilt buzzer while it is active. A separate 9V (or 6V) battery is required to power the circuit, which is mounted remotely from the smoke alarm. Connection to the alarm is made via a 3-core data cable terminated in a 3. 5mm stereo plug, while a matching switched socket is fitted to the alarm`s casing. In addition to the socket, only three other components are installed inside the smoke alarm. These are Mosfet Q3, its 100W gate resistor and 15V zener diode ZD1. These parts can all be mounted on a small section of prototyping board or soldered point to point from the socket terminals. The Mosfet is wired in series with the smoke alarm`s negative battery lead and acts as a switch. As shown, the contacts of the socket must be wired so that the Mosfet drain-source connections are shorted out when the plug is removed, thus allowing immediate restoration of the smoke alarm to normal operation. When the silencer circuit is inactive, the reed relay (RLY1) is off, so battery power is disconnected from the circuit. An exception to this is Q3`s 4. 7kO gate pull-up resistor, which is powered directly from the battery. This holds the Mosfet switch on, powering the smoke alarm from its on-board 9V battery. Now consider what happens when the "silence" switch (S1) is pressed. This action applies battery power to the entire circuit through the switch contacts. At the same time, IC1...

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