The electronic blood manometer based on MSP430F449 is designed

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The sphygmomanometer can roughly be divided into two kinds at present: First, mercury sphygmomanometer, steady for number value advantage its, shortcoming its operate by oneself for unable one, must be professional the medical personnel operates, and the naked eye observational error is maximal, subjectivity is strong, the volume is not very much more portable. Second, electronic formula sphygmomanometer

The electronic blood manometer based on MSP430F449 is designed
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, its advantage is: It is simple and easy to use, but a person operates alone; The measured value is easy to record, the volume is light and handy and portable. The electronic formula sphygmomanometer has possessed a great deal of advantages, is well received by ordinary family more and more. This text introduction regards MSP430F449 as and controls the core, complement it by the simulation signal processing circuit and LCD revealing, voice prompt between pressure capsule and MCU of the Model BP01, realize the design of the home electronic blood manometer. The concept of blood pressure is the pressure when the blood flows through the vessel wall. The blood coming out by the heart, need thrust, could make a detour in a circle of body, the heart is through incessant shrink, relaxing, advance the send out of blood. There are two kinds of blood pressure, first, systolic pressure: It is will systaltic to get to blood blood pressure blood vessel measure to be, another the diastolic pressure: It is a heart at the pressure that nonshrink measures. When the pressure of the cuff is equal to blood pressure, the blood be able to circulate and produce the so-called cuff sound while beginning, shown as systolic pressure at this time, has recorded since this moment, the time until the final cuff sound disappears, record this point to get the diastolic pressure. The system block diagram is shown as in Fig. 1. The system is from...

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