Traffic Light Control Circuit

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

This page features a circuit that has twenty open collector outputs that turn on one at a time in a continuous, unidirectional loop sequence. The circuit uses the 74LSxx family of TTL integrated logic devices. The circuits are designed to drive light emitting diodes or low current, low voltage incandescent lights but can also drive other loads of

Traffic Light Control Circuit
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up to 80 milliamps. As logic circuits go, the 20 Step circuit is fairly simple but due to the nature of the TTL Logic devices used, care must be taken when wiring these circuits. Simply put; The neater the wiring the better. NOTE:The 20 Step Circuit does not work in circuit simulation programs. The likely cause is that this circuit uses input states that force the outputs of the 74LS145 drivers to be turned off. These states would normally not be used with these devices and are probably not programmed into the simulator`s software. If you would like to make use of these circuits, take the time to find and read at least the first 2 pages of the manufactures datasheets for the integrated circuits. Using Google, search for "74ls(part number)" in the first box and "PDF" in the second box on the advanced search page. The circuit does not drive the 74LS145`s directly but uses a 74LS107 JK Flip-Flop and four 74LS32 dual input OR gates to control to the inputs to the two 74LS145 output drivers. The 74LS107 and 74LS32 are used to create disallowed states in the output drivers alternately. The disallowed states prevent any of the ten outputs on that particular device from being turned ON while the other 74LS145 is in counting to ten. This produces a system where only one of the 74LS145`s is able to produce a LOW output state at a time. In essence the circuit counts to 10 twice in succession rather than counting to 20 in a single...

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