Posted on Feb 4, 2014

In the figure, the TL494 is used as the core to form the PWM driver and protection circuit, and the changing frequency is 50kHz. 115V output voltage is sent to P8 after stepping-down and isolating, then it is sent to TL494 error amplifier A1 after getting RMS by passing AD536, and it is used as the system`s closed-loop voltage control. The current of push-pull inverter circuit

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is sent to control panel to do signal processing by P7 after passing current transformer sampler, then it is sent to the TL494 error amplifier A2 as the current-loop control system. TL494 outputs driver signal is amplified by passing P6, then it is sent to the main board. (View) The atmospheric pressure regulating equipments always use the tracking control circuit which is composed of the photosensitive battery BPY11. When both of the two photosensitive batteries are irradiated by the light, there is no base current in the input transistor, they are similar to two phototransistors which are in the cut-off state, the electric motor has no current. If a photosensitive cell is not irradiated by the light, the corresponding edge half-amplifier will conduct, the electric motor turns left or right. The last stage diode group can be used to protect the transistor to prevent the damage. The photosensitive signal can be adjusted by the 10M © potentiometer. (View) The circuit is as shown in the figure. It is composed of the relaxation oscillator, the light control pulse counting/decoding circuit, the SCR control motor speed control circuit, the music sound circuit and the AC step-down rectifier circuit. Under the strong light, the control circuit starts the fan to blow out the natural wind, and it broadcasts 16 world famous songs. (View) The infrared receiving and motor driver circuit is as shown in figure 1, when there is no one,...

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