Strobo triggering schematics

Posted on Nov 11, 2012

This page contains some information on circuits which can be used for triggering stroboscopes from external circuits. The circuit here are designed to be integrate to strboscope circuits so that they can triggered using external trigger pulse. The standard trigger pulse used in professional stroboscope controllers is 3-10V pulse. If you don't already have a suitable controller, you can built one based on my stroboscope controller design. This circuit takes 10V trigger pulse to trigger a triac which connect the points A and B together. This circuit can be placed to almost any stroboscope circuit in place of the trigger switch or the trigger triac.

Strobo triggering schematics
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Strobo triggering schematics - image 1
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Stroboscope circuit use lethal voltages, so you must be very careful when operating with them. When the stroboscopes are triggered using an external signal, then there are some extra safety things to consider. The safest way is to provide a complete galvanic isolation of few kV between the trigger input and the stroboscope circuitry. This isolation can be done using and optoisolator or transformer isolation. The circuit works in the following way: The +10V trigger pulse enters MOC3023 optoisolator The output of the optoisolator starts to conduct because of the current which starts to flow though optoisolator output and NEON bulb When the TRIAC starts to condict the triggering of the stroboscope happens At the same time when the TRIAC conducts, the current on the circuit formaed by NEON bulb and MOC3023 stops to flow When the triggering capacitor is discharged the TRIAC itself stops to condict Using this circuit a short pulse applied to the input of MOC3023 will trigger the stroboscope one. If the input of MOC3023 is kept constantly at +10V, the stroboscope keeps triggering constantly at it's maximum rate, because the circuit retriggers every time when the voltage over TRIAC exceeds around 90V. The isolation between the trigger signal and the stroboscope circuit is provided by MOC3023 optoisolator, which can withstand pulsed up to 7500V. This isolation level is more than dequate in typical applications. If you want...

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