Using DTT to create your own TV transmitter

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The TV transmitter we present today generates a stream containing four TV programs and broadcasts it on a frequency in the DTT standard. Ideal for stacking in an antenna system, audiovisual channels generated on-site or from other sources like a decoder for satellite television. With this project you can make a small local TV station that has up

Using DTT to create your own TV transmitter
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to four TV channels. You can also integrate into a system into other existing TV signals that will be transmited on a desired RF channel. It`s ideal for exclusive cable installations for a condominium, a hotel, company premises or public place. The transmitter is a modulator that converts up to four audio-visual content (with stereo hi-fi) in a stream for DTT digital terrestrial broadcast on a television RF channel. This channel is called multiplexer or transponder in DTT: is an old analog TV channel that now contains a number of digital television channels. The product that we have realized merges 1 to 4 television channels in one stream of output that is ready to be transmitted on air (with the help of a linear RF) or injected in a localized cable TV circuit. The stream is transported by a frequency corresponding to an RF TV channel. It has a width of 7 MHz if we operate in the VHF high band (III) or 8 MHz if broadcast in UHF (channels 21 to 69, that band IV and V ). Our device operates on all TV bands, given that the power is sufficient to drive the input stage of TV receivers, decoders, etc. By entering into the video inputs the signals provided by few decoders or other sources (the audio is managed trhouhg to corresponding inputs) we will create a TV channel. This channelis then then mixed with the signal coming from the antenna. In this way we`ll have all the signals available in a single place without even the need...

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