Zener Diode Testers

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Using a single 555 Timer IC and a small transformer to generate a high voltage, this circuit will test zener diodes of voltage ratings up to 50VDC. The 555timer is used in the astable mode, the output at pin3 drives a small audio transformer such as the LT700. This has a primary impedance of 1K and a secondary impedance of 8 ohms. Used in reverse the unloaded ac voltage is around 120volts ac. This is rectified

Zener Diode Testers
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by the 1N4004 diode and smoothed by the 2. 2u capacitor which MUST be rated at 150 VDC. The zener under test is measured with a multimeter set to DC volts as shown. The load current switch enables the zener to be tested at 1 or 2mA DC. The rectified DC load, but a good zener should maintain the reading on the volt meter.

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