Wingfoot 813 Circuit Description and Schematic Diagram

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

The input impedance of a grounded grid amplifier is typically several hundred ohms. Though most vacuum tube transmitters will have no trouble driving such an impedance, solid state transmitters, which are designed to drive loads that are very close to 50 ohms, will usually refuse to drive such a load. The best (and most complicated) solution is to

Wingfoot 813 Circuit Description and Schematic Diagram
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use a tuned matching network on the input. However, a simple 1 to 4 unbalanced to unbalanced transmission line transformer is very easy to make and will lower the input impedance by roughly a factor of four, usually bringing it within range of most solid state transmitters. In this amplifier the input transformer is made by winding seven turns of RG-174 coax or similar small coaxial cable on an FT-50A-61 toroidal core. If the coaxial cable is not available, 11 turns of #24 enameled magnet wire, bifilar wound, will also work. Click here for a picture of the transformer. In a directly heated cathode grounded-grid circuit it is necessary to allow both the input RF and the filament power to reach the filament/cathode without interfering with each other. In the circuit shown at right the two 0. 01 uf capacitors permit the input RF from the input matching circuit to reach the filament, while preventing the much lower frequency filament AC from flowing back through the input circuit. At the same time, it is important to keep the input RF from flowing into the filament power transformer. This is accomplished with a pair of heavy duty RF chokes that are actually wound on the same core. These allow the low frequency heater AC to pass through while blocking the much higher frequency RF. Any residual RF that might have passed through the RF chokes is shorted to ground through the two 0. 02 uf capacitors. The filament transformer...

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