ac measurement status

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

The code I used on the ATtiny85 is now included as tiny50hz example sketch in the Ports library, eh, I mean JeeLib. Here are the main pieces: Nothing fancy, though it took a fair bit of datasheet reading to get all the ADC details set up. This sketch compiles to 3158 bytes of code lots of room left. To follow up on that last note: I think the exact same setup could be used with a current

ac measurement status
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

transformer w/ burden resistor. I ought to try that, to compare signal levels and to see how well it handles low-power sensing. The ATtiny`s differential inputs, the 20x programmable gain, and the different AREF options clearly add a lot of flexibility. If you want to power this unit, I`d use a small transformer. They don`t cost much and they exist in small form factors suitable for PCB`s. In fact the KAKU system uses these to power itself. Still, I think you should look for an isolated method to measure current flow. Maybe even on an induction base Something like this ( ) Yes I know those are expensive, but hey, we can find something like it right All kinds of off the shelf components exist for this job, so why don`t you use those

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