active balanced ground

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

Designed the same thing but for the reason of having a higher output voltage swing for the mono part of the signal. I personally don`t believe/understand Meier`s idea as voltages are just relative anyway aren`t they I haven`t read this entire thread but from what I can see is that your proposed method will have horrible cross talk unless you precisely match the resistors.

active balanced ground
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Here`s a schematic of how I was planning to do it. where G is the desired gain. It then puts the difference between IL and IG (the unnamed ground in the schematic) relative to OG multiplied by the gain. Similarly for the right channel. So you end up with. I tried it your way and it still doesn`t work. The results are pretty much the same as mine from before. if I disconnect one side, it works perfectly (ie: the ground signal cancels out what I don`t want to hear), but when I have all three it doesn`t. If I only have OL and OR connected (no headphone ground), then I get almost full cancellation (because I can hear just a tiny bit of the original test tones which I will chalk up to improperly matched resistors). p. s. I did not have a TLE426 rail splitter, so I used the simple generic opamp splitter config shown halfway down the page here: Maybe I just have really junky parts, and I still think I have some weird grounding issue. I dunno why, but my ground only works properly when I connect the input ground into the virtual ground. edit: Of note though. I have now attempted three variations on the circuit and all three have had the exact same problems. Since running these in simulation works properly, perhaps the theory is fine but maybe the culprit is something fishy on my end in terms of how I`m building the circuits (and if its an error somewhere, I sure am consistent!) I tried it your way and it still doesn`t work. The...

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