and filter 1 3 5w power rf amplifier

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

A amplifier of force RF for the FM, is always essential for the amateur that wants it strengthens some small transmitter, that likely already it has manufactured or has been supplied ready. The present circuit can give 50-60W RF force of expense, with control smaller than 15-20W in the region of frequencies of FM, that is to say in the 88-108MHZ.

and filter 1 3 5w power rf amplifier
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Transistor that we selected for this manufacture is the BLY90, that has gain 5dB. If all they are it includes, you connect the exit of your transmitter (15-20W) in input the amplifier. The exit of amplifier him you will connect in some charge (dummy load) or in the aerial, through bridge stagnant waves. Supply with tendency 11-15V your amplifier (power supply it should gives current 4-5A). Regulate the 4 variable C1-C4, until you take the biggest force of expense. The amplifier is ready.

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