build solid state scrtriac controlled

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

This one of its kind and hard to find triac control AC voltage stabilizer circuit has been designed specifically just for you. Being solid state in design, the voltage switching transitions are very smooth with minimum wear and tear, resulting in efficient voltage stabilization. Discover the whole construction procedure of this unique, solid

build solid state scrtriac controlled
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state mains voltage stabilizer. The proposed circuit of a triac controlled AC voltage stabilizer will provide an excellent 4 step voltage stabilization to any appliance at its output. With no moving parts involved its efficiency is further enhanced. Find out more of this silent operator: power guard. The circuit of an automatic voltage stabilizer discussed in one of my previous articles, though useful, due to its simpler design, does not have the capability of controlling the different levels of varying mains voltages discretely. The proposed idea though not tested, looks pretty convincing, and if the critical components are properly dimensioned, should work as expected. The present circuit of triac controlled AC voltage stabilizer is outstanding in its performance and is almost an ideal voltage stabilizer in every respect. As usual the circuit has been exclusively designed by me. It is able to control and dimension the input AC mains voltage accurately through 4 independent steps. The use of triacs make it sure that the changeovers are quick (within 2 mS) and with no sparks or transients usually associated with relay type of stabilizers. Also since no moving parts are employed, the entire unit becomes completely solid state and almost permanent. CAUTION: EACH AND EVERY POINT OF THE CIRCUIT PRESENTED HERE MAY BE AT AC MAINS POTENTIAL, THEREFORE EXTEMELY DANGEROUS TO TOUCH IN SWITCHED ON POSITION. UTMOST CARE AND CAUTION IS...

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