catalinbread super charged overdrive

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

The Super Charged Overdrive has been part of the Catalinbread range now for a while - as you can see above it`s had three style make overs so far (the top image showsthe SCOD`s current form. ). It`s a fairly high gain beast, and utilises those old Logic chips with their internal mosfets for the circuit`s gain structure and clipping. Here`s the desc

catalinbread super charged overdrive
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

ription from the Catalinbread Website : "SuperCharged OD The audio equivalent of a forced induction high displacement big block make up the heart of the SCOD`s "distortion powerplant". It is designed like a tube amp, fine tuned cascaded gain stages cause the distortion, not diodes. We knew we had a winner when it made our 5W 6V6 amp push air like a full stack. This pedal rocks harder than a Heart 8-track in a Hemi Cuda outside of a high school in 1978! The tone for leads is balanced, focused, and sustains forever. Chords are chunky, tight, and resonant. Turn the GAIN and CONTOUR down for hi-wattage British sounds. Increasing the GAIN brings you into more modern saturation teritories without un-natural compression. Crank the CONTOUR knob and you tighten up the lowend adding resonance of a sealed 4x12. The SCOD is capable of huge amounts of output and the gain can be down right METAL. Inspite of this the noise level is remarkably low. The distortion is natural without the buzzy "chopping" or "squaring" of your guitar`s signal as often associated with high gain and metal pedals. This means you can play chords with your SCOD and not cause bizarre intermodulation. Pretty gainy stuff! Well, it`s been a while but the boys over at freestomp have come up with a schematic. Head produced this version from a previous schematic drawn up by MadBean: The value crossed out are old incorrect values. See the circuit structure - two mosfet...

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