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Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The voltage regulator circuit was constructed using the LM317T, 3 terminal regulator. A heatsink was utilized to cool down the LM317T. The output voltage can be set to anywhere in the range of 1. 5 volts to 30 volts. However, for our application we needed a 2. 5 volt output voltage. The selection of the desired output voltage comes with choosing app

dm projects
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ropriate resistance values for R1 and R2. The use of a potentiometer for resister R2 allowed calibration of the desired output voltage. A bridge rectifier was used to receive the AC or DC input. Protection diodes were implemented to prevent the capacitors discharge from running back into the regulator in the event of abnormal operating conditions such as a sudden short circuit on the input or the output or a back emf from the inductive load. The resistor used for R1 was chosen to be 250 ohms making the voltage drop across it to about 1. 25V. This becomes the reference voltage of the regulator. Whatever current is flowing through R1 is also flowing through R2 and thus the sum of the voltage drops across R1 and R2 are the output voltage seen. This project had two experimental steps that eventually led into the development of a traffic controller. The first approach involved designing a counter that would count to fifty-nine. This would later serve as the interval between changes in the traffic light states. This circuit design was achieved by using two 74LS163 counters. The first counter had the task of counting up to nine while the second counter had the task of counting up to five only after the first counter`s had cycled through one time. To integrate these two counters, the first counter`s logical nine was NANDed and routed back to its clear pin to be reset to repeat another cycle. This output coming from this NAND gate...

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