dual voltage power supply 12 volt

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

Circuit » Home » 7809 » 7812 » 7909 » 7912 » Dual Voltage » Hobby Electronics » Hobby electronics projects » RC filters » REGULATOR » transformer » Dual Voltage Power Supply 12 Volt This is the simple circuit diagram of Dual Voltage Power Supply. It is used for Misc application. This circuit is called regulated power supply. For thi

dual voltage power supply 12 volt
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s reason the main component of this circuit is Regulator IC. It also needs few components to built. The regulator 7812 is the positive voltage regulator and 7912 is the negative voltage regulator. It regulates voltage from 24Volt to 12 Volt (DC). The transformer input is 110Volt to 220Volt (AC) and the output must be between 12Volt to 24Volt (AC) and current must be 500mA. In this circuit some capacitors are used as a filter for removing repole.

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