Posted on Feb 5, 2014

According to the datasheet, they`ll switch about 160 kW at up to 10 kV (7. 2 kV typical). Sadly this is not enough for the quarter shrinker, but I think I see a miniature ring flipper in my future I`m very excited to be speaking at Ada`s Technical Books on Capitol Hill this Sunday 9/19, from 4:00-6:00pm. I`ll show some nice photos of wireless

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projects in Africa and Italy, followed by some hands-on high voltage shenanigans. Hope to see you there! Here is the classic Google Tech Talk from Robert Bussard (yes, the ramjet guy). In it he talks about a design for a novel fusion reactor he developed for the DoD over the course of eleven years. He was hoping to find further funding for the project in the Silicon Valley tech set. Sadly, he died less than a year after this talk, but interest in the design continues. Folks like Famulus are trying to recreate Bussard`s work in an attempt to create a DIY-able fusion reactor source. Is it possible that the next energy revolution will come from a garage inventor Thanks to my extremely encouraging dad, I`ve been building circuits since I was seven years old. Freehanding a breakout board with my trusty Weller is second nature. Growing up, I always had a Heathkit or Radio Shack 200-in-1 kit lying around in various states of assembly and/or modification. I learned to read schematics, and got quite good at physical assembly. But I somehow never quite made the leap to designing circuits from scratch. Computers (and also girls) were a lot more interesting to me than studying electronics design. Fast forward a couple of decades, and I`ve noticed that years of tweaking other people`s designs and building things from kits gotten me into some bad habits. I have finally reached a point where I want to make circuits that do novel things,...

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