fm radio receiver using tda7000

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

TDA7000 is a famous FM radio receiver IC also called one chip FM radio receiver covers VHF FM band from 70 to 120 MHZ. This IC was first introduced in 1980`s and gained very popularity in the electronics world and it is still very popular after 31 years. The main reason of its popularity is that all the complicated circuitry of an FM receiver like

fm radio receiver using tda7000
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input RF stage, IF filter stage, local oscillator stage, IF limiter stage, Frequency locked loop system etc. has been built in side the IC therefore the IC require only few external components to make a good quality FM radio reciever with the sensitivity of 1. 5uV. The IC also contain a small built in audio amplifier circuit but its output is around 70mV due to which a small audio amplifier IC can be used at the output of the IC like LM386 or TDA7052 etc. Although the IC has been discontinued by the manufacturer in 2004 but it is still in stock of some electronic distributors so you have to search it online or at your local electronic market if you require one. If you cant find the IC then you can also use its other substitute which is TDA7010T. The internal circuit of this IC is almost similar to TDA7000 only the difference is that TDA7010T is a surface mount version (SMD) and comes in 16 pin. The circuit mentioned here is using two coils L1 and L2. L1 is equal to 6 turns of enamelled copper wire of 23 SWG close wound on 3mm diamater air core. and L2 is equal to 5 turns of 23 SWG wire close wound on 3mm diameter form air core. Use small variable capacitor or trimmer in the place of VC1. Use telescopic antenna or 80cm wire as an antenna. The supply voltage can be between 3V to 10V DC. You can also use any audio amplifier IC with the circuit to drive a speaker.

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