gmc sierra 1500 1995 gmc serria abs light comes

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

1995 GMC Serria the ABS light comes on and all hell brakes loose, thrans shifts into limp mode, rpm shoots everywhere, speedo does not work. figured it might be the front wheel sensors I don`t think it`s the wheel speed sensors. It sounds like you`re losing the vehicle speed sensor input, which the PCM needs to control shifting, explains why your

gmc sierra 1500 1995 gmc serria abs light comes
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speedo stops working, and why the trans goes into limp mode. when the ABS goes on thats when everything starts to happen, brakes act like they have air in them, it got a system flush a year ago plus I have bleed the brakes over and over again. It`s not a part, it`s a matter of troubleshooting. The input is the sensor and the wiring. If you`ve already put a sensor in it, it`s time to get under there and start testing the wiring. Make sure the connector terminals are good, etc. It`s a tough thing to repair if you aren`t familiar with electrical systems and using a good multimeter. If you`re going to diagnose this yourself, the key is to get it to act up, then get after it with a multimeter and find out where you`re losing the signal. As it`s acting up, you`ll want to be at the speed sensor, seeing if a signal is coming out of that. Then working your way forward, until you find the fault. If this isn`t your strong suit, I highly recommend letting a good mechanic figure this out for you. I don`t want you to spend a lot of money on parts by guessing, I`d rather see you get fixed up and on the road, and spending $75 or so to let someone figure this out is a pretty good idea. thankx for the info, I was planning to Drive the truck around Sunday, Saturday I have duty otherwise I would do it then. I know it only takes about 5 miles to act up, I will ask around if anyone knows about a good mechanic in the area too. by chance do you...

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