how to build cell phone controlled door

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Controlling your door lock through your personal cell phone was never this easy. Learn how to build a simple electronic circuit that will help in converting your ordinary door lock into a high security door lock which can be now controlled through your own cell phone. Your ordinary door lock can be now very easily converted into a cell phone c

how to build cell phone controlled door
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ontrolled high security door lock. Learn the entire building procedure through some simple instructions and circuit schematics. A very simple configuration using a low cost cell phone (used as a modem) and an electronic circuit can be build to control remotely a high security door lock. Once the unit is built and attached to a door, by simply assigning your personal cell phone`s number inside the modem cell phone, you can alternately lock and unlock a particular door by sending subsequent miss calls  through your cell phone to it from any part of the world. We use a NOKIA 1202 as the modem cell phone here for the project. Let`s proceed and learn the simple instructions required to complete the project. The basic concept of the project is to detect a particular ringtone from a SIM supporting modem and use it to toggle the electronic circuit and the load (door lock) correspondingly. The very specific and unique ringtone Beep Once  or the No Tone  is available with every NOKIA cell phone. And also this ring can be assigned to any particular fed number of the cell phone. So this ringtone becomes specific only to that particular number and will be sounded every time a call is received from the assigned number. This facility has been ideally exploited here. A 5 volt regulated supply is used to trickle charge the modem round the clock so that its battery is never discharged. This supply also goes to the IC 4093 = pin 14 (+) and...

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