how to make automatic vehicle headlight

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

The circuitdescribed herecan be built and used in your vehicle for an automatic dipping and dimming operation of the headlamps, in response to the intense lights coming from an opposite vehicle headlamps. You must have come across this irritating situation while driving at night when you find the headlight focus from an opposite vehicle fallin

how to make automatic vehicle headlight
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g straight in your eyes, making things difficult to assess, giving rise to a situation of a collision or some kind of possible accident. Such situations are normally tackled by using manual dipper switch mechanism, where the driver is prompted to "dip" the focus of his headlight, thus giving the opposite vehicle a chance to adjust his vehicle and also an indication that he too needs to "dip" his vehicle lamps. However, doing the above operation manually, every now and then can become horribly laborious and troublesome, therefore if some kind of automatic system is Incorporated, can help to save this headache of the driver, especially while he is driving in stressful conditions and on dangerous highways. The following diagram describes a simple yet effective auto head lamp dipper or dimmer circuit. The transistor is used as a comparator, which compares the preset resistance level and the LDR resistance level with reference to ground. Light falling over the LDR from the headlight of the vehicle coming from the front instantly lowers its resistance and allows more current to flow to the base of the transistor. The transistor conducts and activates the relay, which in turn flips the contacts such that the host vehicle`s headlamps gets connected with the dipper filament, changing its intensity. The whole circuit may be enclosed in a small box and installed somewhere near the driver`s dashboard area, however the LDR needs to be...

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