how to make simple active low pass

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

In electronics, filter circuits are basically employed for restricting the passage of a certain frequency range while allowing some other band offrequencyinto the further stages of the circuit. A high pass filter circuit will allow only the frequencies which are higher than thepreferredset range of frequency while a band pass filter will allow only anintermediateband of frequencies to flow to the

how to make simple active low pass
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next stage, inhibiting all frequencieswhichmay be outside this set range of oscillations. Passive type filter are less efficient and involve complicated inductor and capacitor networks, making the unit bulky andundesirable. However these willnot requireany power requirement for itself to operate, a benefit too small to be considered really useful. Contrary to this active type of filters are very efficient, can be optimized to the point and are less complicated in terms ofcomponentcount and calculations. The resistors and the capacitors are discretely dimensioned for a 50 Hz cut OFF, meaning no frequency above 50 Hz will be allowed to pass through the circuit into the output.

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