jk electrical lighting sound systems

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

By using a relay, you shorten the distance that you must pull the thick wires (especially through the firewall and under the dash), and you reduce the need for a larger switch. However, having said that, if you plan to connect to any of the stock JK electrical wiring (such as wiring them to the stock switch), then you must pay careful attention to what current levels the JK is expecting on that wire

jk electrical lighting sound systems
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else you cause unexpected failures. IOW: If the JK is expecting 100 milliamps (and I made up that number), don`t try to wire two 100-watt bulbs directly on that circuit. You may blow a fuse, you may cause the computer to croak, you may burn up wiring, or any of a lot of other bad things. I`ve never put in a relay before, but maybe it`s just worth it to do so just for the efficiency of the deal, but I was curious if I could run all four lights without a relay, that would be the easiest solution as far as installation was concerned. 2007 Steel Blue 2Dr | 3" Full-Traction Lift | 35" Mickey Thompson Baja Claws | RR Modular Front Bumper | Smittybuilt Rear Bumper with Tire Carrier | Mopar Advanced Rock Rails | Body Armor Jerry Can Holder | Safari Straps For each set of lights you should use one relay. First it will make the lights brighter. No matter how thick the wire is it will have a amount of resistance to it. The longer the wire the more resistance it will have. The relay is like a remote switch and moves the connection between the lights and the battery closer together. The shorter the wire distance from the light to the battery the brighter the light will be. This is one of the reasons why relays are used. The second reason is safety. If you do not use a relay and you have to much draw from the lights being on the entire length of the wire could heat up and the insulation could melt and then it will be a fireworks show if...

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