led vu meter circuit using lm3915 ic

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

This LED VU Meter (volume-unit) is capable of monitoring and displaying power levels present at the speaker terminals of an stereo audio power amplifier. The levels are displayed in ten discrete steps using 10 LEDs for each channel. This project is designed to give an approximate visual indication of the audio power output of each channel. This is

led vu meter circuit using lm3915 ic
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the figure of the circuit; Two external resistors (R2 & R3) programs the full scale from between 1. 2V and 12V applied to pin 5. 10. 5V is used to turn on all 10 LED`s. The voltage required to turn on all the LEDs is set by R2 and R3. The IC develops a nominal 1. 25V reference voltage (Vref) across pins 7 and 8. Since this voltage is constant then the current through R3 is also constant. This current also flows through R2. The total voltage across R2 and R3 is given by voltage. Internally this chip consists of ten voltage comparators. The non-inverting (+) input of each comparator is connected to an accurate ten-step voltage divider network. Each comparator will therefore trigger on a different comparison level. The inverting (-) inputs of each comparator are commoned together and connected to an incoming DC signal via a high impedance input buffer.

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