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Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Diagram shows a timed light control switch circuit in Mexico, especially for outdoor advertising light boxes street lamps and power control, it is time saving switch circuit. Now with the door switch to manual control of lights and more, often forget to turn on the lights or turn off the lights because of inconvenience and energy waste. If we can

make circuit diagram
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increase the light beam blocking alarm circuits. As shown, the photosensitive resistor R4 is irradiated, the resistance and, thus, one-way thyristor SCR transistor VT1 and are closing; lights automatically when light modulator circuit. As shown, this circuit is the intensity of light according to the outside world to automatically adjust the light brightness. If the outside world, high brightness, light to dark, the light control switch. simple Shown is a simple light control switch. In some public places such as corridor, street lamps fitted with automatic light control switch, electronic metering system the camera is not. Cameras in the block, CdS photoresistor for electronic metering devices. Exposure to light from the plate in the photosensitive resistor CdS, moving the contents of secret. hot photosensitive Darlington transistor with self-locking function constitutes the light-emitting diode flash thyristor delay circuit schematic energy-saving light emitting diode matrix drive circuit automatically luminous photoresistor lamp light contro l timer switch circuit schematic novel precision LED bicycle charger comparator circuit schematic diagram of precision detectors brightness light control circuit As shown, the two resistors R1 = R2, the same supply voltage U, to make A and B two-circuit the total heat generated is equal, then the time required for a ratio of t: t B is () reward points: 0 | solution Time : 18:22 |...

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