remote shift light

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

If you replace the resistor/transistor with an n-ch power mosfet, and replace the relay/prot diode with a light bulb, you`ll have a simpler circuit that replicates the circuit you posted (assuming it drives a light bulb with one end connected to +12). If the Fet is chosen carefully, it won`t need a heatsink, and the whole circuit can be made on aconnecting block and have insulating tape

remote shift light
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wrapped around it. THough having just said, the circuit you posted switches on when there is a voltage applied. You didn`t describe the existing LED circuit you wish to interface to. Can you tell us more about the LED circuit How is the LED driven The LED could be wired that way (low-side switched). You won`t know until you measure it, or look at the bike schematic. The more that can be found out about the existing circuit, the simpler the modification will be. If there isn`t this kind of information then the modification design becomes a little more complicated because it has to cater for all possibilities. Some designers prefer to always cater for any possibilty (conservative) while other designers find out all they can, so as not to duplicate functionality (minimalist). I agree with marc to use the transistor to drive th ebulb direct, but allso you might want to put a capacitor and a resistor (both in parallel) from the transistor base to ground, this will reduce chance of it turning on with spikes and will provide a more gentle turn on/off of the bulb to increase bulb life. Something like 3. 3k and 1uF should work. Roman Black - PICs and electronics. Author of BTc PIC-sound encoder, Shift1-LCD project, the TalkBotBrain talking PIC controller, LiniStepper open-source microstepping motor driver, the Black Regulator 2-transistor SMPS, and probably some other stuff; It`s the "done thing" to include a resistor (of a high-ish...

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