simple swr and pwr meter

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Many SWR / Power meter used by amateurs to the extent reasonably accurate continuous average power with a CW key-down signal, but can not reliably be used with other (modulated) signals PEP or average power measurement. These laws seek to show why the power measurement can be a sensitive issue, and because the interpretation of a yardstick of power

simple swr and pwr meter
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can be a lot of attention and knowledge of construction and the characteristics of the instrument. A reflectometer-type SWR meter can be calibrated to give power back and forth (PF, Pr) on a power supply. A classic example is the 1943 Bird Series power meter, which is a directional coupler is used to obtain a sample voltage proportional to the voltage wave or forward or backward on the feeder (VF, VR). Other systems, perhaps more suitable for HF, then use a bridge circuit to perform the same function. The sample voltage is then rectified and displayed on a meter that is calibrated in watts. If the counter is typically a coil, the scale, so the numbers on the scale, representing the power, are proportional to the square of the applied voltage or the current calibration. The theory of this type is very simple and is based on the concept represented by PF = Vf2/Zo. Note that if the power supply has an impedance that differs from the value of how the instrument is calibrated, there will be a mistake. The output voltage of the rectifier is a solid phase of VF or VR, and this is expected in the calibration of the meter. Examples of directional coupling, and bridge-type reflectometers are shown in Figures 1 and 2, while the bird directional coupler means 43 is illustrated in Figure 3. Note that in all cases the measurement circuit, a combination with a small RC time constant, making the system unsuitable for the measurement of...

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