stereo channel circuit diagram

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The add-on circuit presented here is useful for stereo systems. This circuit has provision for connecting stereo outputs from four different sources/channels as inputs and only one of them is selected/connected to the output at any one time. When power supply is turned on`, channel A (AR and AL) is selected. If no audio is present in channel A, th

stereo channel circuit diagram
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e circuit waits for some time and then selects the next channel (channel B). This search operation continues until it detects audio signal in one of the channels. The inter-channel wait or delay time can be adjusted with the help of preset VR1. If still longer time is needed, one may replace capacitor C1 with a capacitor of higher value. Suppose channel A is connected to a tape recorder and channel B is connected to a radio receiver. If initially channel A is selected, the audio from the tape recorder will be present at the output. After the tape is played completely, or if there is sufficient pause between consecutive recordings, the circuit automatically switches over to the output from the radio receiver. To manually skip over from one (selected) active channel to another (non-selected) active channel, simply push the skip switch (S1) momentarily once or more, until the desired channel input gets selected. The selected channel (A, B, C, or D) is indicated by the glowing of corresponding LED (LED11, LED12, LED13, or LED14 respectively). IC CD4066 contains four analogue switches. These switches are connected to four separate channels. For stereo operation, two similar CD4066 ICs are used as shown in the circuit. These analogue switches are controlled by IC CD4017 outputs. CD4017 is a 10-bit ring counter IC. Since only one of its outputs is high at any instant, only one switch will be closed at a time. IC CD4017 is...

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