the design of the gas detector of LPC221

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

The gas detector designed this time is that have adopted the intelligence taking ARM microprocessor as the core to measure the control equipment, it not merely adopts the internationally advanced one-chip computer microprocessing of 1990s, also have the following characteristics: Adopt the appearance to use the amplifier, but automatic change-over quantum, has improved survey accuracy,

 the design of the gas detector of LPC221
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the examining value calls the police accurately; The intellectual gas checkout equipment incorporates various functions into an organic whole, should not merely realize the basic function of the data acquisition of the gas density, controlling alarm etc. , and also want the measured data of real-time display, accept key entry at any time. In addition, should have communication functions such as friendly man-machine interface and uploading data, etc. If adopt the traditional sequential structure programming thought, it is very difficult to guarantee the real-time nature of data acquisition will be required, it is unable to deal with and make fast response to each target`s real-time information for the quick speed enough. The complexity of its programming will be raised greatly too, will maintain and revise on later stage when unfavorable to the procedure. And real-time operating system can make the rigorous estimation by situation such as being most broken preferably to running situation. Sex when in fact than before and after have much more better sets of system, can last request of incidents asynchronouses external system in time, finish the treatment to this incident within specific time, all real-time task coordinate of concurrent control runs concurrently. Proceed from reality this time, choose C/OS-II as the real-time operating system, let it manage each utility program, achieve the goal of optimizing the system...

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