transistors LC circuit

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Build the LC oscillator show on the bottom of this page for some school project and I`m having a bit of problems translating the theoretical circuit into a real-world one. I think I get how the circuit works on paper. We have a LC resonant circuit which will produce a certain output frequency. Because the energy in the circuit gets t

transistors LC circuit
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ransferred out due to differences between theoretical components and real world components, the transistor is there to keep adding the energy into the circuit. The transistor is controlled by the coupled coil L2 in which we get current induced by the coil L which keeps switching the transistor In some simulations I used that transformer and a $ 470 mu F$ capacitor (I just happen to have one in my drawer) and the expected frequency should be around 212 Hz. Here`s my question: How do I figure out why this doesn`t simulate well and how do I determine what I need to look for when picking a transistor for the circuit

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