usb joystick

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

With the phasing out of game, serial and parallel ports from modern computers and the ever increasing popularity of USB, it makes sense that hobbyists start getting to grips working with USB. Unfortunately, USB is not a simple protocol and can be daunting to viagra online paypal implement. Luckily, there are several solutions on the market that ca

usb joystick
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n make implementing a USB device much easier. This project focuses on the use of a USB PIC and the mikroC compiler to convert an old game port joystick to utilize USB. One of the advantages of the mikroC compiler are the built USB HID libraries that make creating a USB HID device a doddle. When writing USB code using the mikroC compiler, the USB device produced is a generic HID device that can be used to transfer data to and from the PIC. However, it is possible to modify the USB descriptor generated by mikroC so that it produces a specific USB HID device, like a keyboard, mouse, joystick or graphics tablet. The 76H1571 is a 4-button joystick with a throttle and POV hat. What`s interesting to note is that you can`t use the throttle and POV hat at the same time you can only use one or neither. The two slide switches on the viagra prescription online front of the joystick are used to switch the throttle and POV hat on and off, so that you could choose which one you wanted to use. Because there is no point for this restriction with USB, the converted joystick will be able to use both the throttle and POV hat at the same time. This then makes the two switches at the front redundant, so why not add those as two extra buttons When the compiler generates the USB HID code, it creates a descriptor that is sent to the USB host that tells it what type of USB device it is. A HID device descriptor is slightly different as it has an...

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