ADC0809 and PC bus interface circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

ADC0809 is an 8-channel analog switch with an 8-bit successive approximation A/D converter. ADC0809 8-channel analog switches can be realized now 8 to 1, an address latch and d

ADC0809 and PC bus interface circuit
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ecoder channel selection signals ADDA, ADDB, ADDC. For selecting eight input channels a one, the address latch enable signal ALE can ADDA, ADDB, ADDC selected input channel and A/D converter connected. Eight successive approximation state D conversion analog signal converter can be input into an 8-bit binary apply, transfer to deposit conversion result output buffer tristate latch punch unit. Positive pulse signal SD RT allows A/D converter to start the conversion, the conversion is completed after about lOOtjtS, turn after the change. EOC signal from low level to high level. Notify CPU read the data. Tri-state latch output buffer used to store the conversion result, when the output enable signal OE is high when Xu. 8-bit conversion result is output from the DO-D7, when OE is low, the data output lines DO-D7 high impedance state. Due to ADC0809 has tristate latch output buffer, which can be directly connected to the system bus. In order to facilitate or simplify the interface circuit design, usually more common parallel interface through microarrays implementation and system interfaces. The circuit shown in FIG. ADC0809 is connected via programmable parallel interface chip 8255A achieve a circuit connected to the PC. edText, GET, ); Top class diggnum id diggnum

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