Blackout emergency lights 4

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Charging circuit by the transformer Tl, diode VDI-VD4 and other components, 220V AC by Tl buck, VDI ~ VD4 rectification, CI smoothing filter into DC power to charge the battery

Blackout emergency lights 4
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G provided. S for the function selector switch position shown for the state of charge, when the DC voltage to charge the battery via a resistor Rl G. LED charging indicator light emitting tube, when the reservoir after sufficient battery G, because the charging current is reduced, the voltage drop across Rl also decreases insufficient to maintain the LED has turned on, LED will automatically turn off, indicating that G is fully charged. When 3:00 s dial switch to the position for the emergency lighting state. Triode VT, 1r2 boosting transformer coil L1, L2 and a capacitor C3 ~ C5 composition inductance feedback oscillator, an oscillating voltage applied directly after the boosted boost coil L3 to fluorescent tubes H both ends of the excitation lamp H light. When the switch to the position 2, is turned off.

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