Schematic IR2130 for 1kw high pressure mercury lamp ballast system

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Application ikW high pressure mercury lamp ballast system; Figure 12.44 shows IR213D ikW for a high pressure mercury lamp ballast system schematic. Figure, not only IR2130 is u

Schematic IR2130 for 1kw high pressure mercury lamp ballast system
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

sed to drive a single-phase full-bridge inverter four I (; BT tube, but is also used to drive the high-pressure side and the crossing is cut, after the three-phase AC input goes through non-controlled rectifier 510V DC voltage, after this chopper chopper and provide after filtering to the subsequent circuit, single-phase output of the inverter direct drive ikW bulb the system, IGBT operating frequency are 25kHz. Since the normal working pressure mercury lamp need a constant current source, it UC3843. to work for full PWM current-mode integrated circuit, the figure, the field effect transistor VF foot IR2130 negative logic work needs to add. in this system, because the chopper after filter wave capacitance only as iptF, so the full-bridge inverter input voltage actual duty cycle of 50% square crossing. a great advantage of this to bring that although IR 2130 internal interlocking maximum time of only 2-kun, even when instantaneous load short-circuit, but also because the main circuit is a constant current source without burning power IGBT.

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