125Watt 150Mhz amplifier

Posted on Sep 6, 2012

This amplifier operates from a 28 Vdc supply. It has a typical gain of 12 dB, and can survive operation into a 30:1 VSWR load at any phase angle with no damage. This means that with input power held constant at the level that provides 125 watts output, the output power may be reduced to less than 1.0 watt continuously by driving the dc gate voltage negative from its Idq value.

125Watt 150Mhz amplifier
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

The amplifier has an AGC range in excess of 20 dB.

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Hi what was the value of the power transistor?   Feb 23, 2021

Iits a nice amplifier I think but I wonder if what is the transistor value..

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