I2C control interface includes RGB LED Driver circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Have you ever in the dark watching time from the mobile phone In this case the bright and dark backlit strong contrast will make the eyes uncomfortable, which requires the use of "ICON" model "that is in standby mode with a slight current time,

I2C control interface includes RGB LED Driver circuit
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or user-defined image is displayed on the external LCD panel. If this must be done through PWM brightness control, the processor must produce a continuous low frequency PWM signal in the entire standby mode, NCP5602, this feature is the use of a hardware manner to achieve, and to be initiated by the figures in the table command with each I2C control interface typical RGB LED driver chip application circuit as shown. Typical RGB LED driver IC application circuit with each I2C control interface Driven by the processor to the chip data byte B5 it represents state ICON mode, when B5 is LOW, it indicates that the use of the normal backlight mode, each LED current can be adjusted between 0 ~ 30mA ; when B5 is HIGH "will start ICON mode, and will only 450 A of current to two LED connected in one on the ICON NCP5602 current mode is a fixed value, but similar NCP5612 on the product, this current can be controlled by single-wire communication protocol.

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