Xenon light pulser

Posted on Sep 17, 2012

Flash lamp is made ??with experimental parts removed from a disposable camera flash circuit.Xenon try to use what I think is easily affordable experiment. AC100V to a voltage doubler rectifier, DC voltage of about 270V is derived. This voltage is R2, C3 is charged through a short period of time as well. At the same time the trigger capacitor C4 is charged gradually through R3, the trigger diode (D3) reverse conducting diode voltage reaches the trigger (ON) to take the trigger discharge Xenon (Flash) to. The discharge voltage drops and the discharge of C3 Stop and C3 will be charged again. The Xenon flash in sequence by repeating it. This circuit is supposed to flash about 20 times per second.

Xenon light pulser
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C1, C2 is, AC100V is intended to smooth out the half-wave rectification. The voltage 160 ~ 200V is required, the capacity is 10?F will be more than sufficient. Each resistance parameter contained in the power OFF is intended to discharge the capacitor voltage when collected. It does not matter without the danger of electric shock when the fiddle circuit. C3 R2 is not intended to limit the charging current to the short time interval much larger than the value of the flush enough to choose the C3 charge. Note that power. C3 is a capacitor discharge. The higher the brightly lit, the capacity of the Xenon is not too large. When electrolytic capacitors are used for the flash should be. The R3, C4 charge rate (= trigger interval) to determine resistance. Smaller and smaller if the time constant, it takes that much faster repetition rate trigger. D3, Saidakku diode (trigger) in, 200V at about the trigger device is ON. 100V was used in this circuit is ON as to what extent. The dexterity is not dimming the trigger voltage is low. Dexterity when there is only dimming the main trigger to let the SCR diode triggering SCR as I think you hit. Saidakku or replace the mechanical contacts, of course, is the same photo to the SCR external control. However, it is like a small switch tact switch with C4 deposition may be aware of the discharge current. Xenon and the trigger transformer is removed from one with a disposable camera. Xenon...

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