Frequency counter up to 1MHZ

Posted on May 27, 2012

The MK50398 is one modern decimal counter up/down of six tens, with control of screen LED of seven segments and flip-flop of storage. Counter it can measure additive and abstractively. The IC MK50398 is ideal for manufacture frequency counter as the particular circuit. The frequency of measurement is from 0 HZ until roughly 1MHZ.

Frequency counter up to 1MHZ
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Part List R1=10Kohm C4-5=150pF 100V IC1-2-4=4093 R2-8=1Kohm C7=47uF 25V IC3=MK50398 R9=8.2Kohm C8-9-12=100nF 100V IC5-6=4017 R10=10Kohm C10=1000uF 25V IC7=Not exist R11=22Kohm C11= 470nF 100V IC8=7812 R12=10Kohm D1=12V 0.5W Zener TR1=220V-110Vac / 12V 0.5A C1-6=1nF 100V D2=1N4148 .LD1-6 =7 segment Display Common Cathode C2-3=150pF 100V D3-6=1N4002

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