UPC1651 produced by small family video transmitter circuit diagram

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Circuit Overview Now many families have a TV, VCD, video recorders, game consoles, cameras and even DVD and other household appliances. If the above-mentioned appliances out of

UPC1651 produced by small family video transmitter circuit diagram
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the RF signal repeater with a television signal transmitter, for a radius of about 30 meters (within the scope of the family room) TV receiver to watch, it will save a lot of inconvenience cable connections, but also more loom in different rooms watching, the TV signal repeater is like a small family television. Here is such a television signal repeaters, it has a simple circuit, low cost, easy to manufacture and so on. t Works Circuit shown in the figure below: The working principle of this circuit is a radio frequency signal sent by the 75 ohm RF cable has a C1, a high-pass filter L1, C2 constituted, will be lower than the frequency of 45MHZ filtered, and then by the transistor in 9018, etc. after the pre-amplifier for power amplification to the upc1651 amplified by the capacitor C3, the output signal by 6 inches or so whip antenna out. 7805 or the like to provide regulated power supply 5V power supply indication for upc1615. t Selection Production upc1651 for high gain high frequency amplifier integrated circuit, 9018 is a low noise ultra high frequency transistor, C1, L1, C2 constitute a cutoff frequency of 47MHZ high-pass filter. Select frequency ceramic capacitors are capacitors with an ordinary resistance carbon film resistors. IC2 and other components to provide 5V power supply and the power indicator .L1 production is 3mm in diameter cylinder with 0.2mm enameled wire tightly wound lap 16 bodiless. 6 inches antenna whip antenna because the unit is operating in the UHF band, in the design and production of PCB, component configuration and wiring length must comply with the requirements of high-frequency design. t Debug molding This is the transponder circuit may be placed in a small tin to be placed in a waste of VHF tuner in. Just get rid of mechanical and electronic components which become a shielded box. Since the transponder circuit is simple, few elements can be directly soldered components on the circuit board, and make sure the wiring is correct, accurate welding! machine operating current is about 25MA. 9018 operating current of about 5MA, it can be adjusted. VCR, VCD and other home appliances through R1 RF output cable should be selected 75 ohm coaxial cable, as short as possible, the use of fully shielded [including joints], thus reducing interference RF antenna. As long as elements of quality assurance, the transmitter can work properly.

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