Amplifier Timer

Posted on Oct 30, 2012

Turns-off your amplifier when idle for 15 minutes Fed by amplifier tape-output. This circuit turns-off an amplifier or any other device when a low level audio signal fed to its input is absent for 15 minutes at least. Pushing P1 the device is switched-on feeding any appliance connected to SK1. Input audio signal is boosted and squared by IC2A & IC2B and monitored by LED D4. When D4 illuminates, albeit for a very short peak, IC3 is reset and restarts its counting. Pin 2 of IC3 remains in the low state, the two transistors are on and the relay operates.

Amplifier Timer
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

When, after a 15 minutes delay, no signal appeared at the input, IC3 ends its counting and pin 2 goes high. Q1 & Q2 stop conducting and the relay switches-off. The device is thus completely off as also are the appliances connected to SK1. C5 & R9

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