Delayed start for mains equipment

Posted on Sep 20, 2012

The schematic requires few components, because the timer function has been incorporated by Nutchip. For once, from the start, made up of contacts of the relay RE1 connected to terminal M2. If we turn on an appliance at the end of time, we will use the relay contact is signed (normally open) and the COM contact (common). But if we are interested in off the load at the end of time we will use the pair of contacts COM and NC (normally closed). The relay RE1 is driven by Nutchip junction 4 of the transistor TR1, and is suitable for connecting devices up to 300-350W of power. For higher powers use a power relay out, as described below.

Delayed start for mains equipment
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

In addition to turning on the relay RE1, the transistor driver DL4 also the LED, which lights up whenever the relay is energized. The other outputs of Nutchip, OUT1 to OUT3 are connected to as many LEDs that indicate the delay time selected. The time selection is done by pressing one of SW3 (90 minutes), SW4 (3 hours), SW5 (6 hours). When pressed, the appropriate input (2 to 4) will go to logic 0. The button SW2 is connected to 1, and is used to manually turn off the relay, canceling the effect of the timer. Another button, SW1, has the opposite effect, and it works by resetting the chip. The Nutchip oscillates at a frequency of 4MHz, determined by ' ceramic resonator OSC1. The CN1 connector is used only for the suid of the chip, and you can omit it if you pre-program the chip to another circuit. We suggest you keep it, not only because it is easier to change the truth table on the fly. Through the interface, since you can "see" the inputs and outputs on your PC using the software Nutchip Commander: a useful tool to understand very thoroughly how to "run" the chip. To turn on an appliance consuming large amounts (more than 2.1 amps, approximately 350 watts) using the power relay (switch) into alternating current. You find them in electrical stores. A power relay does not directly with the pilot is Nutchip, it interposes a rather smaller relay (the relay driver, in our case RE1). To realize this circuit you should...

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