555 new digital thermometer circuit diagram

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

As shown, the digital thermometer by the temperature sensor, single stabilizing circuit, counter circuit, decoding, driving and LED digital tube and other components. Temperatu

555 new digital thermometer circuit diagram
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re range of 0 to 50 degrees Celsius, 0.1 degrees Celsius accuracy, digital display. Line simple and intuitive. Temperature probe uses SWC digital integrated temperature sensor AD590 (or similar model). The device is a temperature-sensitive element and analog to digital converter (A/D) in one set, the amount of temperature is converted to digital, serial number of pulses indicates its temperature measured in degrees. Calibration Each pulse represents 0.1 degrees Celsius temperature increase, the response should be from 0 to 50 degrees Celsius from 0 to 500 output pulses. Its conversion speed is less than 50ms, the positive and negative power supply voltage of 12V and 2V, the output pulse frequency 15kHz. According to measurement principle AD590 temperature sensor, it is easy to design a circuit diagram of a thermometer. IC1 (555) and R2, C1 and other components single stabilization circuit generates timing width td 1.1R2C1, about 50ms shutter, added to the SWC and the K counter 10, 12 foot pole. IC2 with 3-digit BCD counter, the output of IC1 after C3, R5 differential, positive pulse as the pulse of IC2 count is cleared. SWC add K-pole gate pulse 50ms after that start, serial pulse output, after amplification VT1, added 11 feet of IC2 counts. IC3 use BCD- seven latch/decoder/driver CD4511, the IC2 sent BCD code is decoded, and drive common cathode seven segment LED digital tube dynamic display. Figure b is the main waveform diagram IC1, IC2s.

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