Winds from the 555 programmed

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

As shown in FIG wind speed programmable circuit. The circuit consists of step-down rectifier circuit, a multi-stage cycle timing circuit, phase shift control circuit, thyristor

Winds from the 555 programmed
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control circuit. Wherein the circuit is a buck rectifier provides a DC voltage across the controller.Multi-level loop by the timing circuit 555 as the core component of the four single stable circuit. Just power on, the start-up circuit R1, C1 and BG1 composition generates a negative pulse applied to IC1 (555) of the trigger terminal ( feet), so that the delay circuit consists of IC1, W1, R3, C3 composed happen set, the output high. Corresponding to the delay time td1 1.1 (Rw1 + R3) C3, illustrated parameters corresponding time is about 0.6 to 10 seconds. In the meantime, C3 is charged when the voltage on C3 charge to make IC1 foot to reach 2/3VDD when, IC1 reset occurs, a low level output by C4 3 feet, after R5 differential added to IC2 feet, IC2 corresponding timing circuit occurs due feet set, output high to low. IC3, IC4 state change of the same. When the output from the IC4 3 feet high into low (delay expires) when it is fed back to the trigger terminal of IC1 feet, repeat the process in order to achieve multi-heap Fan thin 5 Mi Van braid barium meal Bru joint of bones intestinal worm ED1, LED2, LED3, LED4 sequentially lit, and at any one time only one light.Phase shift control circuit consists of BG2 ~ BG4 composition. Cycle timer IC2, IC3, IC4 output through W5, W7, W8 applied to the control circuit, adjusting W5, W7, W8, may be changed accordingly t2, t3, t4 period applied to each voltage value BG2. When the minimum potentiometer resistance, that is applied to the BG2 maximum input voltage, this time near both ends of the motor voltage of 220V, the fan has a maximum wind speed; maximum when the resistance of each potentiometer, the corresponding minimum fan wind speed. When each potentiometer W5 ~ W8 tune in a different location, because each level is inconsistent period, the motor speed operation, to achieve a similar effect of natural wind. Adjust W1 ~ W4, for different lengths of time can be controlled to achieve the rate of change of wind speed rhythm to adjust.

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